Residential Academy

DATES: June 21-July 16, 2015

Gain confidence communicating in language this summer at the Academy!

A month at the Academy gives you tangible language skills and the confidence in interact in real-life settings using your target language. Within each of the five language programs (Chinese, French, German, Spanish and Arabic), there are five different skill and proficiency levels for students in grades 8-12. Our proficiency levels accommodate beginners to advanced learners.

In just four weeks at the Middlebury-Monterey Language Academy, 88% of students accelerate language learning by one full level and 45% of all students gain two or more language levels on ACTFL’s language proficiency scale.

The level that is right for each student will be determined by an online placement exam taken in May prior to arrival on campus. The test measures reading, writing and speaking skills. Each level has specific goals and expectations that meet ACTFL standards for proficiency:

  • Level I – Can understand simple questions, can memorize phrases and short conversations.
  • Level II – Can create sentences and formulate ideas.
  • Level III – Fluent enough to handle daily life tasks; an independent language learner.
  • Level IV – Can discuss abstract ideas and most subjects in context with historical or social issues.
  • Level V – Can read and understand literature on par with heritage speaker.

More specific information regarding the curriculum, testing procedures, qualifications, as well as goals and objectives of the program are available to review under the Curriculum section. 

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