How to Apply

Admissions Are Now Closed for Summer 2015                       

Check back soon for instructions on applying for summer 2016.

  • Student and Parent Information (Less than 10 minutes to complete online)
  • Enrollment Deposit of $395 (Required with application)
  • 250-word Student Essay (Can be submitted at a later date)
  • Student Grade Report (Unofficial transcript with grades from this year or last can be submitted at a later date)

Once we receive your complete application, you will be notified of your admissions decision typically within three business days.

Contact us with any questions:
888-216-0135 or email

Student Essay Questions:
We ask all students to address this question in a short, 250-word essay: What are your top three reasons for attending the summer language Academy?

For study abroad applicants, we ask for a second short 250-word essay. The questions to consider are: In what ways would you contribute to the success of the Academy? Describe your academic, personal and social strengths. Additionally, what do you anticipate might be especially challenging for you during the Academy experience?

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