Educating Global Citizens

Middlebury-Monterey Language Academy is revolutionizing language education. We’re inviting you to become a part of our immersive No English Spoken Here® program that’s reshaping how bright and motivated high school students learn a world language and acquire a deeper appreciation for diverse cultures.

The Academy is currently seeking academic and residential and support staff for the 2015 Academies who speak French, Spanish, Chinese, German or Arabic.

Review positions below or click the Find Open Jobs button to go directly to our Employment Center to apply. If you have questions about employment, please call 802-458-9241 or send an email to hr@middleburyinteractive.com.

Employment opportunities are available for the summer 2015 in the following Academies. Check back this fall for details on hiring dates for each position.

U.S. Residential Locations

  • St. Michael’s College—Colchester, Vermont
    Chinese | French 
  • Green Mountain College—Poultney, Vermont
    German | Arabic | Spanish

Applications open October 15:

Summer Site ManagerLanguage DirectorDirector of Residential Life

Summer Site Manager

The Summer Site Manager is the primary person in charge of directing an MMLA site during the summer, ensuring the quality and success of operations on a day to day basis. Site managers lead all operations of the main site office, oversee implementation of special events, lead staff orientation, collaborate with other site leaders, facilitate communication with faculty, staff, students, and parents and senior MMLA administrators.

Candidates should have demonstrable administrative abilities, ability to work as part of a team, and exceptional leadership and communication skills. Some pre-season work is required.

Office Manager

The Office Manager works closely with the Summer Site Manager to ensure the quality and success of site operations. The Office Manager’s primary responsibilities include: carrying out operational plans, day to day site support, managing a busy office team and supervising Program Assistants. Candidates must have administrative experience, strong interpersonal skills, and an understanding of the educational workplace.

Language Director

The Language Director is responsible for coaching his/her team of teachers pre- and during-season to implement the MMLA Immersion Curriculum and to monitor both teacher and student performance. He/she works in close cooperation with all other site administrators to ensure success of all aspects of the academy. Candidates must be current world language educators with at least two years of world language teaching experience. Must have mastery of the target language and culture and have administrative/leadership experience.

Applications open November 14:

Office ManagerAssistant Language DirectorsAssistant Directors of Residential LifeHead NurseTeachers

Assistant Language Director

The Assistant Language Director supports the Language Director with all of their tasks and responsibilities. Additionally, the ADRL provides pedagogical support to the residential staff to facilitate the integration of academic and residential aspects by providing strategies that help students stay in the Language Pledge. Candidates must have world language teaching experience at the secondary level.

Director of Residential Life

The Director of Residential Life carries out residential plans and policies, including discipline matters, according to program guidelines. The DRL is responsible for the safety and wellbeing of the MMLA community, and is a key campus leader, training and supervising residential staff as well as interacting with parents and other MMLA administrators. Candidates should have significant residential experience with high school students and excellent organizational and leadership skills.

Assistant Director of Residential Life

The Assistant Director of Residential Life’s primary responsibility is providing confidential emotional support to students in a demanding academic environment. The ADRL is also a key leader of the residential community, providing training and assisting with supervision of residential staff and communicating with parents and MMLA administrators. Candidates must have a counseling degree and clinical work with adolescents or can be graduate students in counseling programs.


Runs the Health Center at each site and is responsible for campus health concerns. Nurses are responsible for dispensing medication, arranging off campus medical appointments, assessing student/staff illness and injury, and communicating with parents and MMLA administrators. Candidates must hold at least an RN degree and be licensed to practice in the state where their site is located.

Technology Coordinator

Responsible for setting up and maintaining all technology needs of the site, including but not limited to: setting up administrative and printing network and setting up labs and maintaining access to appropriate technology needs. Candidates must be able to work independently, while being flexible and creative and have a minimum of three years IT experience or education.


Teachers teach the target language, cultures, and literature in classes and electives that are task-based, interactive, learner-centered, and experiential for students. Additional duties include participating in pre-season curriculum training and proctoring study hall and participating in evening activities and weekend programming during the session. Candidates must be current world language educators.

Assistant Nurse

Assists the Head Nurse in all aspects of Health Center operations including dispensing medication, assessing injury and illness, accessing health services in the surrounding community, and communicating with parents. Candidates must hold at least an LPN degree and be licensed to practice in the state where their site is located.


Provides traditional water safety support in MMLA’s unique language immersion setting. Should have lifeguarding experience with middle and high school students and have the ability to be both friendly and authoritative. Candidates must have current Lifeguard, CPR, and First Aid certifications.

Residential Advisor

Residential Advisors supervise a living group of up to 15 students, providing leadership, positive modeling, upholding policies and procedures, and being a language coach for students. RAs are committed to both maintaining the Language Pledge themselves as well as providing encouragement and leadership for students in the Pledge. As primary language mentors outside the classroom, RAs have a crucial role in student language development as well as community safety and wellbeing. Residential Advisors must be fluent in their target language and are college juniors/seniors or above with a high degree of motivation and maturity.

Dorm Head

Dorm Heads live in the residence halls with students and Residential Advisors, providing leadership and coaching to the RA staff, supervising students, and helping to establish a cohesive academic and residential experience. Dorm Heads are committed to creating a positive, energized community engaged in language learning while having fun. Candidates must be fluent in their target language and are preferably college graduates with teaching and leadership experience.

Activity Coordinator

The Activity Coordinator plans, organizes and supervises a dynamic afternoon activity program for three to four language academies as well as being the lead organizer of other co-curricular activities and special events on campus. Some preseason work is required. Candidates must possess a high level of enthusiasm, energy, and the ability to lead and inspire others. Proficiency in one or more of MMLA’s target languages is desirable, but not necessary.

Health Assistant

Assists the Nursing staff in all aspects of Health Center operations including driving students to medical appointments, medication delivery, and maintaining a clean, healthy environment. Candidates must be over 21 years old, have a good driving record, and be certified in CPR and First Aid.

Applications open December 15:

Assistant NurseHealth AssistantTechnology CoordinatorLife Guard (GMC Only)Dorm HeadActivity CoordinatorResidential AdvisorProgram Assistant

Teaching Assistant

Complete daily teaching or research tasks assigned by the teacher and assist students in completing hands-on projects in language. Candidates must be high school junior or senior with advanced language skills and proficient with technology.

Chinese Academy
Four-week summer program in Beijing, China

Applications open October 15:
Program Director

Applications open November 14:

French Academy
Four-week summer program in Quebec City, Canada

Applications open October 15:
Program Director

Applications open November 14:

Spanish Academy
Four-week summer program in Granada, Spain

Application opens October 15:
Program Director

Application opens November 14: 

Thank you for your interest in working with the summer Language Academies. If you have questions about employment, please call 802-458-9241 or email hr@middleburyinteractive.com.

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