Your Typical Day

Each day has a set schedule. Yet no day is the same.

For four weeks, all programming, events, activities, field trips, meetings and meals will be in the language you’ve chosen to learn. From morning assembly until lights out, you’ll be wrapped in that language with a group of new friends. The curriculum is organized by themes that help you navigate life in this new environment. And it remains consistent for your entire month in the program.

Morning Assembly

For about 20 minutes each morning you meet and are introduced to the theme-of-the-day. Teachers and residential staff perform skits, show music videos and share creative presentations that impart the theme-of-the-day and get you in the swing of things to come. It’s fun, unpredictable and all “in language” as you continue your introduction into the full cultural gist of your upcoming day.

Class Time

During the week you will spend about three hours a day in language classes.  You will stay with your language level group and follow a course of study specially designed so that you can survive and thrive in a full-immersion environment. There are no textbooks, but there is significant learning and acceleration of language skills.

Elective classes are 1½ - 2 hours long on most days. The elective classes revolve around all kinds of amazing subjects and activities including categories such as:

  • Cooking

  • Film Making

  • Dancing

  • Theatre/Acting

  • Media

You choose the electives that suit you best. And yes…there is a “Survival” elective for true language beginners during the first week of class. Everyone survives and you’ll enjoy an enduring smile as your comfort increases throughout the first week.


Whether it’s breakfast, lunch or dinner, you’ll do it with your new friends and stay in language. Early on there’s certainly some humor and difficulty when conversing in a language that you’re not yet all that familiar with. But it’s all great fun. Meals are in a college dining hall and you sit with your own language group.

If you have special dietary needs, let us know as we can accommodate you.

Afternoon Activities

Activities may include prose and poetry workshops, advertising design classes, musical jam sessions, film productions, small-group cooking classes, and studies of the culture behind sports. You can also play sports like soccer, basketball, Frisbee, go for a swim…or just pick an activity where you can slow down a bit and converse with friends. It’s just great fun to use your new language skills with your daily activities. In short order, it will actually feel weird to hear someone speaking English. A trip to the administrative office can feel like a trip to a pretty strange place. Can you imagine feeling that way when English is no longer the norm? Well…it happens all the time here at the Academy.

Free Time

From about 4:45 until dinner at 5:30, your time is your own. You may decide to continue playing soccer, write in your journal, do some laundry, take a walk, chill with friends, take a shower before dinner, or all of the above. Free time is in the late afternoon Monday through Sunday.

Evening Activities & Evening Assembly

After dinner from 6:45 to 7:45pm is time for student interest clubs to meet. These clubs are student-led and can include a focus on sports, music, dance, videography, theatre or any other activities you and your peers might enjoy.

The assembly, from 8:00–9:00, generally consists of interactive student presentations that are based upon the theme-of-the-day. It’s usually quite the entertaining and fitting end when there is a theatrical review on the “subject” of the day. All in good humor, while continuing to learn how to integrate your new language into your daily life experience.

The End of the Day

After the evening assembly is adjourned, it is your time to meet with your friends and residential staff and other dorm mates. There’s always someone to talk to, listen to your thoughts and concerns if need be, help you through any rough spots, as well as share your enthusiasm and triumphs. It’s all about community here.

Enjoy a snack with others. Listen to some music. Do a little more homework if you want to. Or not. Totally up to you. You’ll be ready to crash around 11:00 PM so you can get started all over again the next day.


On the weekends you continue with your elective subjects, but there are no academic classes. Sleep in a little and relax after a busy week. Participate in lots of cultural activities and keep speaking in language! This is your time to play sports, get some sun and fun in as well. It’s also the time for field trips, dances and special events.


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