Academy Special Events

A chance to meet everyone at the Academy.

There are a host of Academy-wide events that take place during your four weeks at the Academy. Whether you are competing against other language groups in various activities, or socializing as a full Academy group, it’s a great chance to meet other people from all over the world with varied and interesting backgrounds.


These get-togethers happen once every week and your language pledge gets a little bit of a rest, because this is always an All Academy event. While you’ll experience “in-language” music, a four language cross talk event, while humorous, is a bit challenging to follow. It’s also a great opportunity to meet all kinds of other folks with a wide range of interests, geographies and backgrounds. DJ’s, pool tables, ping-pong, darts and other games, as well as plenty to eat and drink contribute to a party atmosphere where good times thrive.

MMLA Field Day

This is the Academy’s version of “Color War” if you’ve ever attended summer camp. You get to compete against other language academy groups in both athletic and non-athletic events, yet you stay in-language with your own group. You wear the colors of your academy group and cheer on your teammates from the sidelines as well. It’s a great time and a great team building experience.


The Academy brings world class performers and performances to your doorstep. And in many situations, you also have the opportunity to be an active participant in the events. Dancers, musicians, artisans are all culturally relevant and are recognized professionals in their own art forms. It’s fascinating and interactive and has gotten high marks in the past for being one of the most entertaining times in a busy month of activities.

World Expo Night

A major culminating experience is the World Expo. You get your chance, in tandem with the Staff, to share your language and cultural learning with your fellow Students. Dance performances, singing, skits, historical re-enactments, vocabulary games, cooking special dishes – the sky is the limit. This is the prime opportunity to share, as well as receive from others so much of what has been learned during your stay. It’s an amazing feeling and an amazing time to come together as an Academy community.

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