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You can have confidence in our immersion program and the safety of your son or daughter.

We build on the 95-year experience of Middlebury College and its summer Language Schools in teaching foreign languages.

The four-week program provides approximately a year’s worth of language learning in a single month. And because our students truly live the language they’re learning, many Academy students are able to make very dramatic leaps in skill level and proficiency.

The community is warm and personal The community is warm and personal

We combine small-class instruction, creative group projects, and the Language Pledge with individual attention and support. At all skill levels, our students integrate their classroom studies with real-life use of the language—all day every day, all month long. Every moment becomes a teaching moment, every relationship a learning relationship.

The Academy gives students a taste of living and learning on a real college campus. We create a community that is devoted to language learning.

Our program also provides cocurricular activities and cultural experiences that reinforce language learning, set it in context, and help bring it to life. And we make the learning fun! It’s a challenge, to be sure—and it’s a challenge that we all rise to together.

Some special topics for parents:

Contact between student and family. We encourage letter-writing—the old-fashioned way! To maintain our immersion environment, students will have only limited access to telephones, and we ask that they leave their cell phones at home. Parents are always welcome to call us with any questions or concerns. We will return phone calls within 24 hours—unless it’s an emergency, in which case we will respond as quickly as possible.

What Parents Say About The Academy What Parents Say About The Academy

Homesickness. Especially at first, the challenging environment of immersion study can make students long for home. We are aware of this and sensitive to it. All of our faculty are experienced in teaching high school students. Our students live in dorms with resident counselors who are college-age students and who pay close attention to how each student in their group is doing. All staff members are available for individual attention and support; be assured that we respond quickly to any sign of concern.

Most important, we develop a very supportive sense of community. We’re all in this together! And as our month together progresses, we find that students tend to bond strongly with each other. Many create joyful, supportive friendships that last well beyond their time at the Academy.

Special learning requirements. Students often come to our summer language experience with hopes that we will tutor them in specific areas to prepare them for tests or for specific programs and requirements at their regular schools. We’re not able to customize our program to meet these particular needs. Instead, we provide a comprehensive language-learning program devoted to full-spectrum learning. We do pay close attention to individual students’ needs and challenges in fulfilling this program, and we provide support and individualized help where those needs arise.

Health and safety. Each program site is led by trained faculty and staff, all experienced in working with middle and high school students. There is also an on- site health office with a nurse available at all times, a local medical clinic if a physician is needed, and a hospital for emergencies nearby.

All of our faculty and staff undergo background checks conducted by a third-party organization that specializes in staffing for youth programs. As a student, you must complete medical forms before attending the Academy. When filling out a medical form, please be specific about any conditions we need to be aware of.

The Academy stays in close touch with parents and guardians if a child needs special assistance during the session. Parental advice and input is always welcome concerning an individual’s medical needs.

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As our family begins the process of looking at summer camps and activities for our sons, we once again start the process knowing that the first choice is MMLA, just as it has been for the past four summers. Both our oldest and middle sons attended MMLA for three straight summers. Now that our youngest son is old enough to attend MMLA, we are all looking forward to his summer of fun, exploration and learning, all while being immersed in the MMLA experience.
—Anthony, Academy Parent