Housing & Dining

Living Arrangements

Students live in college residence halls and may be placed in a single, double, or triple room, as determined by the student body and the space available.

Roommates are chosen by age, gender, and language. Students may request a roommate if they are coming with a friend. We do not, however, guarantee roommate assignments. Please also note that, in keeping with the language-immersion environment, we expect the target language to be maintained at all times, including in the dorms.

Residential advisors are fluent in their students’ language.  A Director of Residential Life and an Assistant Director of Residential life lead the residential team.  The team includes Dorm Heads and Residential Advisers who live with the students and provide support.  


Dining in community dining halls Dining in community dining halls

Most meals are provided at the college dining hall, where students eat with their peers and faculty in their language academy. Special dietary requirements can be accommodated. Please indicate any special requirements on your application and by contacting our administrative office as early as possible.

Programs also feature barbecues, picnics, and informal snacks. If students are away on a field trip during mealtime, their meals will be provided at an alternative site. In such cases, the Academy may have less ability to meet individual dietary requirements.

Download the complete Academy brochure for more information on housing, roommate selection, dining, Academy dates, FAQs and more.

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