Speak Arabic as you learn the intricacies of the culture

Learn Arabic in a supportive summer immersion language program.

The Academy provides a “World of Difference” when it comes to Language Learning. So different in fact, that it eclipses the experience of actually living in the country where a language is rooted. Your days are filled with absorbing both language and culture, while using Arabic in practical, functional and logical ways as you simply live and enjoy your summer on campus.

Qatar Foundation International Scholarships
For the past three years, the Academy has partnered with Qatar Foundation International to provide full scholarships to deserving students for this summer’s Arabic Academy.  
Please check back in late December 2014/early January 2015 for more information on scholarships for deserving students interested in studying Arabic.

Our Academy places you in a sphere of reality that literally envelops your senses in Arabic. You live and grow in this world with the support of a peer community. You are a willing participant, facing every challenge and obstacle in a group effort to succeed. Add in the catalytic effect that our Teachers and Staff provide and you end up in a world specially designed for learning language, with the integrated tools that accelerate your personal success. The benefits of the Academy go beyond simply living in a place where the language is spoken. 

It is something quite special. Something you won’t find in Riyadh. You’ll grasp cultural and literary fluency in a short span of time. And the result is a confidence that stays with you for the rest of your life.

While it was amazing to learn Arabic, the best part was spending time and bonding with like-minded, intelligent and worldly people.

- Student Inspired Statement

Background information follows on what the days are like at the Academy, as well as highlights specific to your month long journey in the Arabic program. We cannot possibly provide all of the highlights on this web site. So we encourage you to ask questions of our staff if need be. We’re happy to help and answer any questions you may have.

Get Excited About Participating in Arab Culture!

We’d be hard pressed to cover every special event we’ve got planned for you, but here’s a quick tease on some of the activities that might surprise you:

  • Not unusual to don traditional Arab clothing and sing traditional songs, as you engage with local Arab artisans and professionals in the area.
  • Engage with local scholars and debate issues in an open forum pertaining to the Middle East. Current events are always at the forefront of the agenda.
  • Ever have a desire to make hummus instead of just eating it?

When opportunities are available near your local Academy, we find a way to engage you and your language group with the local community, as well as bring that community to you.

Each day has a set schedule. Yet no day is the same.

For four weeks, all programming, events, activities, field trips, meetings and meals will be in Arabic. From morning assembly until lights out, you’ll be wrapped in Arabic with a group at your level of language competency. The curriculum is organized by themes that help you navigate life in this new environment. And it remains consistent for your entire month in the program. To familiarize yourself with a typical day at the Academy, click the link below.

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  • Visits to local Mosques Visits to local Mosques
  • Traditional mezze Traditional mezze
  • Customs of the culture Customs of the culture