Experience the Culture

Every day is filled with new and exciting activities at the Academy, all revolving around culture and language.

Chinese swordsmanship Chinese swordsmanship

Think about the possibilities at breakfast, lunch and dinner with your friends and your instructors, sharing conversation and a meal together. You meet at a morning assembly and then move into some elective classes. Topics might include creative writing, filmmaking, cooking foreign dishes or rehearsing music.

Afternoons begin with lunch at the language tables and then classes, also grouped by level, which bring the language to life in an academic setting. Soccer, yoga, hiking, tennis and other afternoon activities let you use your growing language skills in real-life settings.

Evenings may include presentations by you and your classmates, cultural presentations and special events, such as movies from your target countries to music, plays and guest performances. And yes, there is a chance to study a bit, with evening study periods, ending with free time in the dorms to converse with friends and RA’s in language.

Weekends stay along the same path as weekday schedules. But you get to sleep in later, go dancing on Saturday nights…and enjoy Sunday brunch in a more relaxed environment.

Creating Chinese art Creating Chinese art

The important thing to remember is that all this takes place in French, Spanish, German, Arabic, or Chinese. The choice is YOURS.


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