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Gain tangible language skills and cultural awareness through the Academy’s commitment to living in language.

If you’ve read about our Language Pledge by now, you are likely feeling that “staying in language” 100% of every minute of every day is probably a daunting task. It’s certainly a challenge, but NOT one that you have to do alone. The first week or so is a combination of exciting, frustrating, awkward, annoying, exhilarating, and encompassing…and yes, challenging.

Language Camp class Morning class time

Students and parents with Academy experience all report that the immersive environment accelerates language skills, and also has a dramatic effect on personal development.

This past summer, 91% of beginning students gained a full language level on the American Council of Teaching of Foreign Language’s proficiency scale. Over the years, we have seen up to 88% of all students across language levels gain at least one full level and roughly 45% of students gain two or more levels.

What could possibly be better than broadening your skills and proficiency in something as tangible and romantic as speaking fluently in another language? It is a skill that many wish they had, but few really master.

Academy Life has been structured to educate and support the whole learner in a values-based community. This community fosters and supports inclusivity, respect for others, multiculturalism, integrity, personal responsibility and the idea that being resilient when faced with a challenge is an opportunity to grow. The academic and residential staff is fully committed to creating a community that is stimulating, fun and safe for all. It’s a team effort. And we do it all together.


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