Immersive Community

In four weeks of immersive language learning, you’ll enhance your ability to communicate confidently.

Live and breathe your culture of choice Live and breathe your culture of choice

The Academy provides a wonderful community where you live with a diverse group of peers – all who are simultaneously eating, sleeping, hearing, absorbing and thriving in a new culture. A community that welcomes absolute beginners to fluent speakers. A world that is arguably not your own. It’s a compelling, energizing experience that engulfs your senses. We do not emphasize forced memorization, but hearing and repeating as a primary basis. You just go about living your life. The next thing you know, your peers have become your good friends and learning the language has evolved into an organic, familiar experience.

Our immersive summer language program is about creating a safe community of language learning at any one of our host campuses, where every moment becomes an opportunity for language exploration.

*In just four weeks at the Middlebury-Monterey Language Academy, 88% of students accelerate language learning by one full level and 45% of all students gain two or more language levels on ACTFL’s language proficiency scale.