Yuan Gao

undefined“MMLA is the best opportunity for teenagers to be completely and naturally immersed in the language and culture of choice. In my three-decade language professional career, few things beat the four weeks of MMLA experience in a beautiful college campus in Vermont in the summer.”

Yuan Gao, Chinese Language Director.  Gao has been a teacher of Chinese and French for nearly three decades.  He currently teaches at Peddie School, a private boarding school in New Jersey, where he established Peddie’s Chinese program. He currently serves as a member of the College Board’s AP Chinese Curriculum and Assessment Committee and as a leading reader for the AP Chinese exam.  Gao is the author of “Preparing Students to Narrate Stories Based on Chinese Idioms (Chengyu)” in a College Board AP Chinese publication. Gao earned his Bachelor’s degree in French from East China Normal University in Shanghai and his Master’s in French Literature from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, specializing in nineteenth- and twentieth-century novels and poetry.  2012 was Yuan Gao’s fourth year as a MMLA Chinese Academy Language Director. 

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